Journey with a pet by air / The story of Coco Iepurila at business class, on an 11 hour flight

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Today we decided to change the news registry a little and tell you a little about the runaway and how you can travel with pets on the plane. But first of all, I'll tell you about Coco Rabbit, who flew to business class.

The story of Coco Rabbit

He is 8 years old and lives with Takako Ogawa. The rabbit master is 32 years old and is from Kyoto. He moved to California some time ago, but could not give up the beautiful fur.

Three years ago, when he flew from Japan to the United States, Coco stayed with other animals. It was not the happiest flight. The dogs were scared and barking always, the fish were agitated and they were laughing. Plus other bigger or smaller animals. Can you imagine what the hustle and bustle could be. And Coco has always been on the alert.

travel with a pet

But now Coco is 8 years old and the owner thought to take him on the plane. A flight of over 11 hours can be difficult for any animal, especially in older animals.

Takako Ogawa took a business ticket for a flight from San Francisco to Japan, and Coco passed him as an emotional support animal. Thus, the owner paid an extra $ 100 and the rabbit was able to fly to the business class plane.

And not only that he flew, but he also received more attention from the cabin crew. Coco was pampered with peanuts, almonds, a little ice cream. Like the business class! He was a curious rabbit, who inspected his chair and pillow. He tried to stomp on the aisle, but he was careful not to disturb the other passengers.

Journey with pets by plane

If you want to fly with pets, it is good to be interested in whether the airline accepts and under what conditions. Below I have highlighted the conditions of travel with pets at Blue Air and TAROM.

Blue Air accepts pets, but with small exceptions

Small passengers (cats and puppies) weighing up to 6 kg, including cages or soft-sided carriers, can be transported in the passenger compartment. Obviously, for a fee of 35 euros / way.

It is not difficult to travel with your pet. First, you must adhere to the following European standards:

  • your pet must have a microchip implanted under the skin
  • health card
  • animal passport, issued by the veterinarian
  • valid rabies vaccine

In the case of transport in the passenger cabin, the pet must be kept in a special cage, according to IATA regulations, with a maximum size of 45 x 30 x 23 cm. You can only carry a quadruped with you in the cabin. When traveling with your pet in the cabin, you will keep the cage under the front seat and you will be given the last row of the plane.

Important: Blue Air flights from / to Cologne, to the United Kingdom and from Luton (London) are not allowed to transport live animals (not in the cabin, not in the hold).

TAROM accepts only dogs and cats in the passenger cabin

TAROM accepts only dogs and cats with a maximum weight of 8 kg (including the weight of their standard transport cage) for transport in the passenger cabin. The maximum dimensions of the cage must not exceed 42 x 26 x 20 cm.

To be accepted in the passenger cabin, pets must meet the following conditions:

  • be announced as soon as the passenger booked his / her travel ticket. The PETC pet must first be confirmed for travel by TAROM and will only be accepted on board the aircraft;
  • to be healthy: the passenger must be in possession of an international travel passport for his pet;
  • the pet must have an identification chip, in the case of a trip to the Schengen area and be vaccinated, in accordance with the access requirements on the territory of the country of destination;
  • to be transported in the standard IATA cage. They can also be transported in a "soft bag" cage (textile cage, waterproof, in accordance with international regulations). The cages can be purchased from stores specializing in the sale of pet products
  • to be clean;
  • not to be pregnant;
  • not to cause discomfort to other passengers
  • must be kept inside the container / cage / soft bag throughout the flight.
  • In order to travel in a soft bag, your pet must fully enter the soft bag (including the head and tail) throughout the flight. The soft bag must be closed on all sides.

There are a number of restrictions on accepting pets in the passenger cabin as follows:

  • A passenger can carry only one cage.
  • Pets are not allowed in the passenger cabin when traveling with an unaccompanied minor or an infant (child under 2 years old) or a passenger in a wheelchair (regardless of the type of wheelchair required).
  • The maximum number of pets allowed in the cabin is restricted according to the type of aircraft, according to the table below:
Type of aircraftMaximum number
ATR 42/72Is not allowed
Boeing B737 - all series3
Airbus A3183

If you show up at the check-in counter or at the boarding gate without a confirmed reservation or do not respect the transport conditions (animal weight, health and cleanliness, standard cage, etc.), the transport of the animal may be refused. company. In other words, you need to let them know that you want to travel with a pet. Fees vary between 25 euros and 50 euros per segment, depending on the destination.

Ryanair and Wizz Air do not accept animals on board their aircraft.

Be aware that there are many airlines that accept travel with your pet or that can transport medium and large animals on the plane. All you have to do is ask, be interested in the conditions under which they are accepted and about the travel conditions. Just like us, we want to travel comfortably. This way, the pets must have all the comfort for a quieter flight.

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