Boeing delivered 1000 737 aircraft with Boeing Sky Interior

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Boeing celebrated the delivery of the 737 aircraft with the 1000 number that comes equipped with Boeing Sky Interior. The new Boeing 737-800 has arrived in the fleet Norwegian Air Shuttle.

Norwegian Air Shuttle was one of the launch customers for 737 with Boeing Sky Interior, currently having 48 fleet units. Immediately after the new aircraft started operating with Boeing Sky Interior, Norwegian surveyed passengers, and most said they felt much more comfortable in the new interior than the standard one.


So far, since the first Boeing 737 with Boeing Sky Interior delivered in October 2010, more than 60 of airlines have ordered the new interior. About 85% of 1900 of outstanding 737 Next-Generation aircraft will be delivered with Boeing Sky Interior. The new interior will be standard on the new generation of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

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