Dozens of flights were frozen to the ground at Otopeni Airport by the freezing rain phenomenon

Winter returned to Bucharest. But large fluctuations in temperature lead to seemingly rare phenomena. Dozens of flights were frozen at Otopeni Airport by the freezing rain phenomenon.

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Update 22: 50: The number of canceled flights (from Bucharest) reached 15. Wizz Air canceled flights to: London (19: 40); Naples (19: 25); Barcelona (19: 00); Madrid (17: 15); Torino (13: 05); Dortmund (12: 35); Bari (12: 20); London (NOTHING: NOTHING). TAROM canceled flights departing from Bucharest: Munich (11: 30); Oradea (17: 55); Budapest (17: 40); Chisinau (12: 55); London (12: 40); YES (12: 30). Eurowings canceled the flight to Dusseldorf (10: 20). Lufthansa is on a canceled flight to Frankfurt (12: 40). 13 flights to Bucharest were canceled.

List of canceled / delayed flights you can find it on the airport website!

Passengers were affected by the disruption of air traffic at the "Henri Coandă" International Airport in Bucharest. In such situations, the airlines cancel the passengers on other flights or reschedule the flights on other days. Passengers can request a refund if they no longer wish to travel.

Update 17: 45: The number of canceled flights remained at 8. The flights have resumed at the "Henri Coandă" International Airport, Bucharest, but the planes continue to take off with great delays compared to the scheduled times. Delays also occur due to the defrost process.

Update 16: 35: More flights canceled! Wizz Air canceled departures to London, Bari, Turin, Dortmund. TAROM canceled flights to IAI (lunchtime), Chisinau and Budapest. And Lufthansa canceled the flight to Frankfurt.


Starting with 11: 00, the aircraft did not take off from the "Henri Coandă" International Airport, Bucharest. Due to the freezing rain phenomenon, the planes remained on the ground. Currently, there are over 20 flights affected by freezing rain.

20 flights were frozen at Otopeni Airport

The problem is only taking off because defrosting does not cope with this phenomenon. Droplets of water freeze immediately upon contact with a very cold surface. In the case of airplanes, the drops of water freeze very quickly on the surface of the wings and fuselage, thus reducing the lift and aerodynamics.

There were no problems with flights to Bucharest. The aircraft landed safely and the treadmills were treated as anti-freeze.

At the time of publication, Boeing 737-500 (YR-AMC) Blue Air took off with Oslo. Sign that take off from Henri Coandă International Airport will resume.

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