EU countries less safe for travel, according to ECDC

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The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has published new weekly maps reflecting the pandemic situation in EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. Thus, on this basis, Member States are urged to impose / remove entry restrictions. Inclusive Romania updates the lists (red, yellow, green) according to the index reported by ECDC.

Due to an increasing number of COVID-19 cases in Europe, the new maps suggest that more travel restrictions should be imposed between Member States, as more countries have gone red.

According to these maps, three regions of France - Bretagne, Hauts-de-France, and Bourgogne-Franche-Comte - migrated from yellow to red. In recent days, France has reported more and more new cases of COVID-19 reported in 24 hours.

The pandemic situation in Sweden is also turning red, with the Lappland, Norrbotten and Västerbotten regions being affected by a new wave of infections. The Lithuanian region of Vilnius has also gone from yellow to red. In Norway, the situation has also deteriorated, as the Viken and Nordland regions have changed from green to yellow.

In Italy there are several red regions, while some parts of the Netherlands have turned from red to yellow.

And in Spain the situation is not green at all. On the contrary, it is mostly red. The only region that has changed its colors in Spain compared to last week is Murcia, which has gone from dark red to red.

Data published by the World Health Organization show that in the last 24 hours, some of the countries mentioned above have reported the following number of new COVID-19 cases:

  • France - 24.236
  • Greece - 4.614
  • Italy - 5.624
  • Spain - 8.001
  • Sweden - 1.461

Unfortunately, we will have to prepare for a new coronavirus infection. Most likely, vaccinations will have some protection against new strains of coronavirus, but not 100% immunity. So follow the measures recommended or imposed by the authorities and stay healthy.

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