England could update the lists this week. Romania has a chance to enter the green list!

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Although England has considered updating the traffic light list - red, yellow, green - every three weeks, the press in the kingdom is announcing that the next update may take place this week. Financial Times quotes sources close to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Sources say the UK would like to open its borders to vaccinated foreign tourists. Currently, vaccinated citizens outside England, including British citizens vaccinated in other countries, cannot enter without restrictions, being obliged to stay in quarantine for 10 days and take two PCR tests.

Another objective pursued by this imminent update would be to eliminate the yellow list + on which only France is located. On July 19, when England relaxed the conditions of travel in the yellow zone, France was passed to exceptions, and those traveling from French territories were forced to quarantine.

At the same time, England intends to update the green list. Countries such as Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania and others where the incidence is low are targeted.

The sources do not rule out other changes aimed at establishing greater flexibility for international travel, and thus restore confidence both consumers and companies. For example, one of the requirements that the social and business sectors demand of the British authorities is to eliminate PCR tests required for those returning from green countries.

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