February 26 in aviation: Russian engineer Igor Sikorsky performed the first "passenger flights".

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Igor Sikorsky, an engineer of Russian nationality, tried to fly with several passengers, the latter taking their seats on board an omnibus device that he himself designed. An event that took place on February 26, 1914, which will be covered by the international press and which will go down in the history of aviation.

The three flights are a good step forward in terms of passenger transport.

Flights to St. Petersburg Petersburg, will increase the number of passengers eager to experience air travel. During the first flight, there were eight passengers, fourteen in the second and sixteen in the last. The payload carried during the last flight was 1.200 kilograms.

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The flights were made with the aircraft called "Illia Mourametz", a plane 20 meters long and 37 meters wide. The aircraft was powered by four 100-horsepower engines and two Chauvière propellers that completed the device's data sheet.

Igor Sikorsky developed an aircraft that offered unquestionable comfort with the help of the closed and heated cabin, which benefited the passengers in the 18-minute flight.

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