March 11 in aviation: premiere flights and plane crashes.

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On March 11, 1918, the first regular international airmail service began. Using Hansa-Brandenburg CI aircraft, they flew between Vienna, Lviv, Proskurov and Kiev.

Hansa-Brandenburg CI, also known as LDD, was a single-engine, two-seater reconnaissance biplane designed by Ernst Heinkel, who was working for the German parent company at the time. The CI was similar to the BI model designed by Heinkel. Like other Austro-Hungarian reconnaissance aircraft from World War I, the aircraft had a common crew cabin.

Other events in aviation on March 11.

The Boeing 707 prototype made its first flight.

On March 11, 1957, the prototype of the Boeing 707 landed after a demonstration flight for the press. The flight from Seattle (Washington) to Baltimore (Maryland) was covered in 3 hours and 48 minutes, a distance of 2.350 miles (approximately 3.800 km).

The first flight of the Sikorsky S-61 took place.

On March 11, 1959, the first flight of the Sikorsky S-61 / Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King took place.

In September 1957, Sikorsky won a development contract for the United States Navy for an amphibious anti-submarine combat helicopter (ASW) capable of detecting and attacking submarines. Production of HSS-2 (later called SH-3A) began in September 1961, the aircraft being powered by two 930 kW (1.250 hp) engines created by General Electric, T58 -Turburi-GE-8B.

An Avensa Douglas DC-9 plane crashed at Barquisimeto Airport.

On March 11, 1983, an Avensa Douglas DC-9 plane crashed at Venezuela's Barquisimeto Airport, killing 22 of the 44 passengers and crew on board.

The first flight of the Airbus A321 aircraft.

On March 11, 1993, the first flight of the aircraft took place Airbus A321.

The A321 model, with variants 100/200 and together with the A321neo, A321LR and A321XLR, is part of the Airbus A320 family of aircraft. The A321 has become one of the most popular, being found in the fleets of many airlines. It is used for short flights, but also for medium flights. Autonomy and transport capacity have made the A321 one of the most versatile aircraft, with a very good operating / seat cost.

Launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavor STS-123.

The Space Shuttle Endeavor STS-11 was launched on March 2008, 123 at 06:28:14 UTC. The main missions were the ISS 1J / A assembly flight: JEM ELM PS & SPDM and crew rotation.

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