March 18 in aviation: the first flight in history made by Traian Vuia, the first flight of the Tupolev Tu-28 aircraft.

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On March 18, 1906, Traian Vuia operated the first flight in human history with a heavier-than-air aircraft. It rose from the ground by its own means. Vuia's plane was made of a frame of steel pipes with domed canvas wings, which made him look like a bat.

Traian Vuia's aircraft started from the spot with the help of its own engine, ran 50 meters, then detached from the ground and flew 12 meters at a height of 1 meter. A strong side wind prevented the aircraft from flying any further.

The engine ran on carbon dioxide as fuel, and the landing gear consisted of four-wheeled tires. This first flight with its own means of flight took place in France, at Montesson. Vuia further improved its aircraft, the first engine used being replaced with another, 24 horsepower, so that the Vuia aircraft no. 1 became Vuia no. 1 bis, then Vuia no. 2. 

Other aviation events that took place on March 18.

The first flight of the Tupolev Tu-28 aircraft.

Tupolev Tu-28 (NATO Fiddler name) was a long-range interceptor aircraft introduced by the Soviet Union in the 1960s. The official name was Tu-128, but this name was less used in the West. It was the largest and heaviest fighter aircraft ever in service.

United Arab Airlines Flight 749 crashed at Cairo International Airport.

On March 18, 1966, United Arab Airlines Flight 749, an Antonov An-24, crashed while attempting to land at Cairo International Airport. All 30 passengers and crew on board were killed.

The first flight of the Wassmer WA-51.

On March 18, 1966, the first flight of the Wassmer WA-51 took place.

Wassmer WA-51 Pacific is a four-seater French monoplane in the cabin, designed and built by Société Wassmer. Various engine variants include the Wassmer WA-52 Europe and the Wassmer WA-54 Atlantic. It was the first aircraft in the world built of composite material.

The Aviastar-TU 1906 flight crashed near Moscow.

On March 18, 2010, the Aviastar-TU 1906 flight, operated by a Tupolev Tu-204 RA-64011 aircraft, crashed near Domodedovo International Airport, Moscow. The aircraft was completely destroyed, this being the first loss of an aircraft for Aviastar and the first accident of a Tupolev Tu-204.

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