OFFICIAL: Romania's yellow list of countries considered to be at high epidemiological risk, valid from December 5, 2020

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The National Committee for Emergency Situations adopted in today's meeting, December 4, 2020, Decision number 56. This decision updated the list of countries and areas of epidemiological risk for which the quarantine measure is established on persons arriving in Romania.

The yellow list includes many European countries: Georgia, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Andorra, Lithuania, Slovenia, San Marino, Austria, Hungary, Sweden, Northern Macedonia, Portugal, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, Armenia, Czech Republic, Kosovo and Denmark.

Outside of Europe, we find the United States, Jordan, Curasao, French Polynesia.

France and Bosnia & Herzegovina came out of the yellow list.

Romania's yellow list

List-State-risk-high-epidemiological 4.12.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX

You know the rule! Those who travel from the countries on the yellow list to Romania will be quarantined / isolated at home for 14 days in Romania.

It will soon be published on the official website!

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