Romania has updated the list of epidemiological risk (September 23): Canada, Cyprus and Greece go yellow; Austria, Croatia, Latvia go red; Portugal and Lebanon go green!

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The National Committee for Emergency Situations adopted in today's meeting, September 23, 2021, the CNSU Decision for updating the list of countries / territories of high epidemiological risk.

The list enters into force starting with 26.09.2021, at 00:00.


  • they entered the red zone: Croatia, Latvia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, New Caledonia, Gibraltar, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Curacao;
  • they entered the yellow zone:
    - from the red zone, following a decrease in incidence: Greece, Cyprus, Norway, Liechtenstein, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Jamaica, Fiji, Sri Lanka, Jersey and Anguilla;
    - from the green area, following the increase in incidence: Slovakia, Luxembourg, Greenland, Canada, Singapore and Sao Tome and Principe;
  • they entered the green area: Portugal, Iceland, Japan, Monaco, Lebanon, Iraq, Eswatini, East Timor and the British Virgin Islands.

Restrictive measures following the trip to Romania, depending on the departure area!

  • If you are traveling in the red zone (ex Israel, Great Britain, etc.) to Romania, you will stay quarantined for 14 days, having the possibility to shorten the quarantine if you test on the 8th day. The PCR test done before the trip does not help you avoid quarantine upon entry into Romania. However, if you are vaccinated you can be exempted from quarantine.
  • If you are traveling in the yellow zone (eg Germany, Greece, Cyprus, etc.) to Romania, you must present to the carrier the proof of performing a PCR test, with a negative result, performed at most 72 hours before boarding, to avoid quarantine. If you are vaccinated, testing and quarantine are no longer required.
  • You can travel in the green area (eg Italy, Malta, Portugal, etc.) to Romania without restrictions and without tests, so you do not need to present any documents (other than travel) before boarding.

Passengers with the European digital certificate COVID I no longer go through the DSP control from Henri Coandă - Otopeni airport!

The EU COVID-19 digital certificate will be the only proof of vaccination / testing recognized at the border crossing, from 13 August.

The classification of countries / territories of epidemiological risk, according to the cumulative incidence rate at 14 days, is performed in 3 categories as follows:

  1. Green area - where the cumulative incidence rate of new cases of illness in the last 14 days per 1.000 inhabitants is less than or equal to 1,5;
  2. Yellow Zone - where the cumulative incidence rate of new cases of illness in the last 14 days per 1.000 inhabitants is between 1,5 and 3 per 1.000 inhabitants;
  3. The Red Zone - where the cumulative incidence rate of new cases of illness in the last 14 days in relation to 1.000 inhabitants is greater than or equal to 3 per 1000 inhabitants.
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