Romanians will no longer be forced to stay in isolation if they return from countries such as Bulgaria, Greece, Austria and many others.

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Prime Minister Ludovic Orban announced today, Thursday - June 11, the new relaxation measures, among which we can mention the reopening of malls, afterschools, bookmakers and outdoor swimming pools. But also the fact that Romanians will no longer be forced to enter quarantine if they return from certain European countries.

The resumption of activities and a number of other relaxation measures have been proposed in the National Emergency Committee. One measure that is extremely important is isolation at home for people coming from other countries.

The National Institute of Public Health will apply a methodology to assess the extent of the spread of coronavirus infection in other countries. Based on the methodology, a coefficient regarding the level of spread will be granted based on the analysis of the average number of infections in the last 14 days.

All countries, which will have a coefficient below the coefficient of 5, will enter the exemption measure without the obligation to isolate at home for 14 days for citizens coming from these countries.

These are countries with a low level of responsibility such as Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Malta, Austria, Norway, Lithuania, Cyprus, Switzerland, Monaco, Hungary, Latvia, Greece, Iceland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia and Liechtenstein, plus many more that we will find out in the coming days. However, for a better accuracy of the data, we are waiting for the approval and publication of the government decision in the Official Gazette.

At the same time, air traffic with all these countries, which are below the coefficient of 5 and for which home isolation will no longer be necessary, will be able to be resumed based on the decision of the national emergency committee, based on the assessment made by INSP.

We will come back with information!

  1. Glynn says

    Will this include the UK?

  2. Alex says

    Thanks for the above information.

    But Germany is very close to the limit, with an index of 4,9. It also depends on the evolution of the cases these days and on the moment of the INSP decision (which I understand will take into account the last 14 days). If there is a sudden increase in Germany, it is possible to exceed 5. There are also unforeseen anomalies such as Luxembourg: a coefficient of 5,1 with an average of 3-4 new cases / day and only 34 active cases. left. But as the population level is 600k, this upsets the calculation…

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Correct. The list will be dynamic from what I understand…

      1. angelica says

        However, when does the decree enter into force !? Who will enter the country, from Germany on June 15.06, will be isolated? Thanks

  3. Florin says

    We are waiting for news. Be healthy

  4. BLACK MARIUS says

    All these countries are better than Romania.
    If I'm not mistaken (I'm not 100% sure), but Romania is somewhere at 10-11 !!!! I mean, it's not as good as many countries, still unaccepted.
    And also from some calculations, I think Germany is somewhere at 3,2, yesterday! But if you take the last 14 days and do the average it can be around 4-5. I don't have all the daily data.

  5. Ramona says

    What about the UK?

  6. Emilia chewed says

    Do you need documents where you work to be able to enter the country and leave the country?

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