Spain declares the end of the COVID-19 health crisis and gives up the mask!

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After 1207 days, the COVID-19 health crisis has ended in Spain. The announcement was made by Jose Minones, the Minister of Health. "After more than three years, we are putting an end to the health crisis and all the health measures put in place will cease to be applied," informs Masks will no longer be mandatory in health centers, social health centers and pharmacies.

Minones stated that the epidemiological situation has a downward trend in terms of deaths and hospitalizations, since November 2022. In addition, the omicron variant has a lower virulence, due to the high vaccination rate plus naturally acquired immunity. This disease no longer constitutes a health crisis for Spain.

Related to travel in Spain, the mask has long been required in transport, including on Spanish airline flights. Normally, at present, the mask is no longer mandatory in Spain, regardless of the means of transport used, the place visited, etc.

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