Sweden, Portugal and Luxembourg could be on the red list of INSP Romania

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From 21 July, the law on isolation and quarantine can be applied. In addition to the possibility of interning the sick, the authorities can also put the suspects in quarantine. The new law provides for their isolation throughout the incubation period of the disease, as it has been scientifically documented.

Those who have come into direct contact with at least one person confirmed with a contagious disease may be placed in quarantine. But Those arriving from areas with a high epidemiological risk will also be quarantined based on data transmitted at national or international level by the competent authorities.

TAROM suspends flights to Moldova, Serbia and Egypt.

The criterion on the basis of which the countries / areas of high epidemiological risk are established is represented by the cumulative incidence rate of new cases of disease in the last 14 days compared to 100.000 inhabitants, which must be higher than the one registered in Romania, in similar period.

According to one analyzes presented by PRO TV, the red list of INSP Romania could include countries such as Sweden, Portugal and Luxembourg. And this is because only they have a higher index of new cases per 100 inhabitants than that of Romania. Unfortunately, Romania is on the 000th position in the ranking of epidemiological risk at European level.

Sweden, Portugal and Luxembourg could be on the red list of INSP Romania

In accordance with the new Decision, which activated the extension of the alert status, Romania has suspended all flights to / from countries outside the green list, which was updated by INSP Romania on July 6. Flights to Sweden and Portugal are also suspended.

OFFICIAL: Wizz Air suspends flights from Romania to Sweden, Portugal, Israel and the United Arab Emirates

All those who return to Romania from all over the world could be quarantined cu except for a list of 13 green statesThat was made by the EU. Here is the green list of third countries exempted from isolation / quarantine: Algeria, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Georgia, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay. China also enters the green list only on the basis of reciprocity. If you will travel to Romania from these 13 countries, You will NOT be quarantined. At least for now. This list is updated every 2 weeks.

WE ARE ALSO WAITING for the official red list from INSP Romania!

No wonder more and more European countries will impose new restrictions and access rules for those traveling in Romania.

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