Sweden removes all COVID-related entry restrictions for all EU / Schengen travel

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From 9 February 2022, Sweden removed all entry restrictions related to COVID for all travelers from other EU / Schengen countries. Thus, travelers from the Member States of the European Union and the Schengen area will be able to travel freely to Sweden, with the entry requirements imposed due to COVID-19 being officially high.

According to a press release issued by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Swedish Ministry of Justice, travelers, despite their vaccination status, can enter Sweden without having to provide a COVID-19 test before departure or after arrival.

On arrival directly from Romania, from other EU / EEA Member States, Andorra, Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino or the Vatican do not need to present an EU digital COVID-19 certificate or equivalent.

"As part of its ongoing work to phase out COVID-19 infection control measures, the government today decided to lift all restrictions on entry into Sweden from the Nordic countries and other EU and EEA countries. The decision follows an assessment by the Swedish Public Health Agency that entry restrictions are no longer a proportionate measure to control infections. " it is stated in the press release, underlining that the new measure will be valid until March 31.

However, Sweden has lifted most local restrictions regarding Covid-19, from February 9th! born a series of rules

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