An Antonov An-12 Meridian Air cargo plane crashes in northern Greece, killing 8 crew members

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On the evening of July 16, an An-12 Meridian Air cargo plane crashed in northern Greece, killing 8 crew members. This is a cargo aircraft Ukrainian company carrying military equipment from Serbia to Jordan. Prior to the crash, the pilots reported engine problems.

The Antonov An-12 Meridian Air aircraft, registered UR-CIC, was 51 years old. It operates the MEM3032 flight between Nis, Serbia, and Amman, Jordan. While flying over northern Greece, the pilots requested an emergency landing in Kavala, Greece, after reporting a malfunction to one of its four engines. 

However, the aircraft crashed around 22:45 local time on a slope between Paleochori and Antiphilippi before it could reach the airport. Locals confessed that the plane caught fire before the accident. Witnesses say that after the plane crashed, many other explosions were heard, most likely from the transported ammunition.

The ambulances went to the scene, but they could only check if there were any survivors among the eight people on board. Unfortunately, the 8 crew members lost their lives.

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