A day in Berlin with plane tickets at price 0 on the route Bucharest - Berlin

On 19 October 2016, I flew to Berlin. Not on vacation, not on city break, not for an event. But I simply chose another destination for a day's work. It may sound crazy, maybe some of you think it's not worth the effort. But for me it was another day of my job and a new opportunity to fly.

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A similar experience, with what you will read below, was had by Cristian Dumitru (Airlines Travel collaborator and friend). He traveled on 18 October :). From two experiences otherwise we can draw the conclusions. And this is only one: let's fly!

A day in Berlin

And how not to fly when you manage to get 0 (zero) cheap tickets? Yes, I managed to get air tickets at the lowest possible price, ie at 0: D. The proof is below.

Air tickets at zero lei


I took advantage of the great prices from Ryanair, starting from 4.99 EURO / segment for Bucharest - Berlin (offer still valid), and I applied the 10 EURO discount through myRyanair voucher. In September, Ryanair offered a 10 EURO voucher for new accounts made in MyRyanair. A combination that you too could take advantage of! By the way, you can take advantage of the offer and for flights on different days.

For those interested, below is an example of round trip flights to 9.98 EURO


We took the tickets to 20 in September and chose to return for 19 in October. This was made possible by those 2 daily flights operated by Ryanair on this route.

A few hours to Berlin Schönefeld (SXF)

Unfortunately, the time between the 2 flights did not allow me to reach Berlin. And to avoid risk, I chose to stay in the perimeter of the airport. But I didn't get bored. Berlin Schönefeld Airport (SXF) has a platform dedicated to aircraft enthusiasts. A fee of 3 EURO is paid on a ticket machine, and access on the platform is made after a small security check (price list for access to the airport terrace). Below you have a panormat of the spotting platform.

Berlin-Schonefeld Platform
PHOTO with ASUS ZenFone 3

Have a panoramic view of the operational platform and the 07L / 25R runway. The smell of kerosene is not lacking either. As an idea, I liked it. When I got on the platform, I was surprised to see parents with little children admiring the planes. There are several banks for relaxation. But unfortunately, there was nothing covered to keep you out of the rain. Fortunately, I had some free time.

Berlin-Schonefeld Platform-2
Berlin-Schonefeld Platform

(Photos taken with Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro)

After a plane shooting session, I set up the "office" at a cafe inside the airport. I worked for about 2 hours, during which time I also had lunch.


With 7.2 EURO I bought a Latte Macchiato and 2 wiener wurst (crenvuști). Or its era 3-4 EURO. And this was a short walk to Berlin. In the end, the purpose was to fly!


Also in October, but in 2015, I flew one day to Milan Bergamo. Read about 5 things to do one day in Bergamo.

Bucharest - Berlin - Bucharest with Ryanair

I had flights with Ryanair, as you realized. I took off in time from Bucharest, without any problems. And the 2 hours passed pretty quickly. What clouds were over Germany, I was expecting a turbulent flight, but it wasn't. I had a good and quiet flight.

Bucharest-Berlin, Ryanair-2
Bucharest-Berlin, Ryanair

Unfortunately, the return flight was delayed. I took off from Berlin at 18: 50, compared to 17: 10 as scheduled. As for the flight, I didn't feel it because I was able to sleep for the rest of his life. Nothing special about the crew. Smile, confident in their actions, firm in positions.

Noting that both flights were almost full, about 180 passengers / flight. And he didn't applaud the landings!

Berlin Schonefeld Airport

I don't have much to say about the airport. It's small, mostly dedicated to low-cost flights. The main building has 2 floors. On the ground floor are "Arrivals", on the 1 floor is the A terminal, and on the 2 floor is the police, several travel agencies, the airport offices and the spotting platform. Below is the map of the airport.


Departures for Ryanair flights are made from Terminal D, which is a hall located near the main building. In terminal D there are check-in counters, a security control area and boarding gates. But it is a real maze to reach the gates 40-69. We had the boarding from 62, but maybe from 58 or another gate, depending on the position of the aircraft.

Let me admire some photos taken with the new smartphone ASUS ZenFone 3.

Berlin-Schonefeld Platform-3
Berlin-Schonefeld Platform-6
Berlin-Schonefeld Platform-8
  1. Traveler says

    Very cool! You flew to Berlin but you didn't get to the city! Really???? If it's advertorial at least you could get an accommodation that is not a fortune. Pity the time wasted.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      It is not advertorial and no, I was not interested in the accommodation. I've seen Berlin 4 times. And I will go on city breaks again, but not this time :).

      For some of us, traveling means only flight. That's it, passion :). And this is not the first time I have traveled to a destination one day. More will follow :).

      1. Catalin says

        All the respect for your passion and I want to tell you that for me flying is a passion. But how to sleep when you actually showed up for boarding?

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