"Adult only" areas in airplanes! See which airline thinks about the peace of adults during the flight!

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We have the experience of hundreds of flights and, not infrequently, there were cases when the noise and cries of the little ones gave us big headaches. I'm a parent, I understand the situation and the fact that little ones can cry during the flight for various reasons, but even so, sometimes I want a quiet, relaxing flight.

Corendon Airlines comes up with solutions for this problem. The Turkish airline has just announced that it will introduce child-free zones on one of its routes, according to Euronews Travel. The so-called "Adult Only" area will be accessible to passengers over the age of 16.

Corendon is the first European carrier to offer this service, following the example of international carriers such as AirAsia.

Turkish airline Corendon is introducing adult-only areas on flights between Amsterdam and the Caribbean island of Curaçao. The company will start offering this service in November 2023. The child-free zone will be located at the front of the plane and will have 93 seats reserved for travelers over the age of 16.

The area will be separated from the rest of the plane by walls and curtains. To purchase a seat in the adults-only area, passengers will have to pay an additional cost of 45 euros each way.

Corendon founder Atilay Uslu said the child-free zone aims to "meet the needs of travelers looking for extra peace of mind while flying".

Is this service isolated or should we expect to see other companies implement this area on their planes in the future?

Globally, there are still companies that have implemented these quiet zones for adults. AirAsia X has a quiet area on its long-haul A330 flights that is reserved for passengers aged 12 and over. Singapore-based low-cost carrier Scoot features ScootinSilence cabins on its 787 flights

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