Discover Airlines, rebranding to Eurowings Discover – Lufthansa Group airline!

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Lufthansa has introduced its newest airline brand, Discover Airlines, formerly known as Eurowings Discover. The airline's first flight is scheduled today, September 5, to depart from Frankfurt Airport (FRA), Germany, to Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI), Spain, at 16:30 local time (UTC +2). Discover Airlines will operate the flight with an Airbus A320, registered as D-AIUR.

The new holiday airline of the Lufthansa Group, based in Frankfurt, has just unveiled its new brand identity. Eurowings Discover is now Discover Airlines and will take off with a completely new look in the future.


"The company was founded during the pandemic as a wholly owned company of Lufthansa under the umbrella of the affiliated brand Eurowings," the Discover Airlines description page states, adding that as of July 2021 it has been fully integrated into the hubs Lufthansa to Frankfurt and Munich.

"At the heart of the Discover Airlines brand is the joy of travel and the discovery and rediscovery of beautiful places, experiences and moments," according to the description on the airline's official page.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Discover Airlines is Bernd Bauer, who is also the CEO of the Edelweiss subsidiary. Lufthansa appointed Bauer as joint CEO of both carriers in September 2022, saying that while the two companies "will remain independent in the future", the strategy "extends tourism competence in the future".

Bauer took up his position on 1 October 2022, when the airline was still known as Eurowings Discover.

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