Boeing 747-100 General Electric aircraft arrived at the museum (Photo / Video)

On November 15, the last Boeing 747-100 General Electric, at the same time the last Boeing 747-100 flight, operated the last flight. He took off from Victorville, California to the Pima Air and Space Museum - Tucson, Arizona.

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On January 25, 2017, General Electric withdrew from the test service the Boeing 747-100 N747GE aircraft (c / n 16951). It was transferred to Victorville for preservation. On November 15, 2018, it soared again, this time to fly to the "Pima Air and Space Museum" - Tucson, Arizona. This was the last Boeing 747-100 capable of flying.

The story of this Boeing 747-100 plane started in 1969. He left the assembly line on 17 October 1969 and joined the Pan American World Airlines (Pan Am) fleet after 5 Monday.

Boeing 747-100 General Electric aircraft

In 1992, General Electric purchased the Boeing 747-100 N747GE (c / n 16951) aircraft. Following this acquisition, the aircraft underwent a few notable changes to become an in-flight engine testing platform. The chairs were removed, the wings were rearranged and the data systems mounted.

In the 26 years of flights, General Electric tested 11 engines with this aircraft, including GE90, GEnx, Engine Alliance GP7200, CFM56 and LEAP. The place of this aircraft was taken over by a Boeing 747-400, which was acquired in 2010. It offers numerous operational advantages over the old 747-100. According to information from the international press, Boeing 747-100 N747GE (c / n 16951) recorded 90.000 flight hours in 19.251 cycles (landings and take-offs).

General Electric engine on Boeing 747

Boeing 747-100-General-Electric-museum


Returning to the Pima Air and Space Museum - Tucson, Arizona, the museum gathers over 360 legendary planes from around the world!

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