Sibiu International Airport operates in winter conditions

Sibiu International Airport operates in winter conditions

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The winter season comes in the package with low temperatures, snow, snow, ice and all the related "menu". Airports are preparing ahead of time to ensure a good grounding activity.

In order to ensure the safe operation of the airport, specific procedures for the winter season have been implemented since the beginning of November.

Boeing 737-Blue-Air

With the support of the Sibiu County Council, the necessary quantities of defrosting materials were purchased, both for aircraft and for the moving surface; they are ready to intervene at any time, when the weather situation so requires, the 9 high performance machines, specific to winter operations: 7 snow removal machines and two aircraft defrosting machines.


Also, the AIS Snow Removal Command was set up and operates, the intervention teams were structured on different levels of mobilization, with additional personnel, depending on the specific weather conditions and forecasts, periodic trainings were carried out. To date, there have been no disruptions to the flight schedule.

The General Manager of Sibiu International Airport, Marius Ioan Gîrdea, said: "The airport assures passengers and airlines that all equipment and specialized personnel are mobilized for the safe operation of aircraft during winter."

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