Air Connect will debut commercial flights in July! The first ATR 72-600 Air Connect plane arrives in Bucharest!

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In the context of the aviation crisis, on the Romanian market, a new airline is launched that will operate domestic flights and charter flights. The first aircraft Air connect arrives on Thursday, July 7, at Bucharest Băneasa International Airport

,, Perhaps not coincidentally, AirConnect is appearing in a difficult context for the aviation market in Europe, respectively in Romania. We are a team of professionals with relevant experience in the field of aviation and we will certainly become an important player in the industry. We rely on quality services, at affordable prices, to become the first travel option for tourists, in the segment of regional flights ", stated Tudor Constantinescu, General Manager of AirConnect

By the end of July, AirConnect's ATR 72-600 aircraft, with a configuration of 68 seats, will start operating charter flights to Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria. The company has already signed contracts with tour operators such as Karpaten Turism, Dertour, Cocktail Holidays, AeroVacanțe.

The company's fleet will be expanded, in August 2022, with another ATR 72-600, and next year with two more aircraft. In the autumn, AirConnect will launch domestic flights, which will connect regional airports with nearby hubs. The first cities in Romania targeted are Bucharest, Oradea, Arad, Timisoara, Craiova, Targu Mures, Sibiu and Baia Mare. 

The founders of AirConnect relied on ATR 72-600 aircraft, because they are the most efficient regional solution in terms of fuel consumption, due to their light structure, optimized speed and engine designed for short sectors. These features lead to lower operating costs, but also to reduced CO2 emissions. The aircraft offers optimal comfort to passengers, with low noise inside, pleasant in-flight pressure and a width of almost 50 cm between the armrests. 

The executive management of AirConnect consists of Dorin Ivașcu, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Tudor Constantinescu, General Manager and Florin Necula, Operational Director. 

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