Airbus A330-800 aircraft, one of the test aircraft, will operate cargo / humanitarian flights

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The COVID-19 pandemic is growing and the governments of countries around the world are taking extreme measures. To stop the spread of the new coronavirus, authorities have closed borders, suspended flights and urged the world to stay indoors. It is the hard times, that seem to end.

The global cargo fleet is overloaded. Thus, airlines remove the entire arsenal, including introducing passenger planes on freight flights. Airbus will also operate cargo flights with the A330-800neo (F-WTTO), one of the test aircraft.

Airbus A330-800 aircraft will operate humanitarian flights

Airbus a330-800-flights-humanitarian

Airbus A330-800 (F-WTTO) will operate several flights between China and France to transport medical and protective equipment, donations to the French and Spanish governments to combat the new COVID-19.


The first flight took place on March 21, between Toulouse and Tianjin, and transported 2 million masks, which were needed to protect medical staff.

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