Airbus Beluga XL - from concept phase to design and production (Video)

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In November 2014, Airbus announced the new project Beluga XL, which includes the manufacture of cargo-type aircraft. With their help, Airbus will be able to transport, in internal mode, the parts of the new aircraft to the final assembly lines. Currently, Airbus is using 5 Beluga aircraft, all built on the A300-600ST Super Transporter platform, but they are no longer efficient compared to new projects launched by the European aircraft manufacturer.

Airbus Beluga at 21 years of flights In Airbus service.

Less than a year after the announcement, the Beluga XL project goes from concept to design and production. This shows that it is a reliable, robust and mature project to move to the next stage. The new Beluga XL will be built on the aircraft platform Airbus A330-200F and will be powered by engines Rolls Royce Trent 700.

As a main benefit, the fleet of airplanes Beluga XL will be able to carry with 30% more compared to the current fleet. Thus, the project Airbus A350 XWB it can be supported to optimal capacity, but it also allows the production rate of other models to be increased. The first Beluga XL aircraft will enter operational service in 2019. The Beluga aircraft fleet is operated by Airbus Transport International (ATI), an Airbus subsidiary.

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