An Airbus A320 "Aeroflot" took off from Amsterdam airport!

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After more than two years, the Airbus A320 (VP-BAC), which previously flew for Aeroflot, finally left Schiphol on Tuesday afternoon.

Around 13.20:320 p.m., the A2022 aircraft, registered VP-BAC, departed from the Schiphol-Oost airport apron, where it had been parked since XNUMX. The aircraft underwent several checks before it could take off. She flew from Amsterdam to Tashkent, Uzbekistan. It is not yet clear what will happen to the plane, but at the moment it is no longer in the Aeroflot fleet, he writes

We remind you that the A320 aircraft was detained at Schiphol on February 27, 2022, shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, after a flight from Moscow. The plane was actually supposed to land in Düsseldorf that day, but Germany closed its airspace to Russian aircraft. So the plane was diverted to Amsterdam, where it remained on the ground until today, March 12, 2024.

In the documents, the A320 VP-BAC is owned by the leasing company GTLK Europe, a subsidiary of the Russian state company GTLK State Transport Leasing. The Irish branch of the company is currently being wound up as part of legal proceedings and it is therefore expected that VP-BAC will be sold.

After more than two years, the Dutch authorities approved that the aircraft be repaired and sold, having been shown that it no longer belongs to Russia.

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