An Airbus A380 Singapore Airlines has an emergency landing at Baku airport

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An Airbus A380 operated by Singapore Airlines landed urgently at Baku airport after the cabin was depressurized. The aircraft operated a flight from London to Singapore and had 467 passengers and 27 crew members on board. Flight SQ317 took off from London airport and was to arrive at Singapore Airlines base in Changi.

Depressurization caused the oxygen masks to descend immediately, and the pilots took the aircraft to the ground and safely to the airport in the capital of Azerbaijan.

It appears that the problem occurred at one of the front doors of the aircraft just after takeoff. A witness stated that a loud noise was heard from the front door and a very cold air came into the cabin. All's well that ends well. There were no injured persons, and all the passengers were transferred to a hotel while waiting for an aircraft to take them to their destination.

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