British Airways employees are fighting the new COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic seems difficult to control. Tens of thousands of cases are reported daily worldwide. Even the most powerful states face the lack of medical equipment, but also of the people on the front line.

Under current conditions, when governments have taken the toughest travel restrictions and urged people to stay in their homes, airlines are forced to suspend routes, cancel flights and hold ground for tens of thousands of aircraft. And most of the employees are unemployed or laid off.

British Airways employees are fighting the new COVID-19. The flight attendants volunteer to enter the front line, along with doctors and assistants, as well as the auxiliary health personnel. Even the NHS (National Health Service), the state healthcare system in the United Kingdom, needs their training and expertise.

British Airways employees, volunteers to fight the new COVID-19

Other British Airways employees, who specialize in communication, will pick up phone calls from emergency numbers 999 and 111, do the triage and redirect people to specialized medical professionals. Their experience in communicating with people will play a vital role in this activity.

There are British Airways employees with first aid training who have volunteered to work for the St John Ambulance but also for the NHS ambulance service.

The Red Cross in the United Kingdom gathers volunteers, including British Airways employees, for various humanitarian actions. Provides support for NHS hospitals, but also for small communities.

The elderly, who are the most vulnerable to the new coronavirus, need support. Many have been isolated in their homes and need food, physical and moral support. Volunteers will get in touch with them, communicate with them to bring a smile to their face. But also to find out their problems.

In the UK there are numerous food banks that need volunteers to sort and pack food received as donations. They need people to go to supermarkets to buy the necessary food and then deliver it to the needy.

The fight with the new coronavirus (COVID-19) occurs on several fronts, not only in hospitals and not only in direct battles. Let's not forget that there is a need for personnel in all structures of the health system and for different humanitarian actions.

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