Around the Earth in 80 days, by train!

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A travel agency across the ocean has a unique offer: Around the Earth by train, in a journey that will include the most luxurious carriages and that will also cross Romania. Specifically, at the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, those who wish will be able to cross four continents and visit 13 countries on board luxury trains. The trip is by no means a cheap one.

The travel agency Railbookers he devised a plan to circumnavigate the Earth in 80 days, like Phileas Fogg in Jules Verne's famous novel. This rail journey will also be interrupted by air travel, and the price starts from 103.000 euros per person. Some meals and plane tickets are not included in this price, they inform

The journey will begin on August 28, 2024, and the place of departure is Vancouver, Canada. Handshake passengers have scheduled seven rail itineraries and stops in over 20 iconic cities in Canada, the UK, France, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, India, South Africa and Malaysia. Tourists will travel on board trains with sound names in the field, such as Rocky Mountaineer, Belrond Royal Scotsman, Orient Express or Maharajahs' Express.

In Europe, customers of this tour will travel across Scotland in seven days, including the famous Glenfinnan Viaduct, made famous by Harry Potter. The route continues through London, Paris and Venice. Then the journey will also reach countries such as Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey. The journey will end in Singapore aboard the Eastern & Oriental Express, which has recently resumed service after a four-year hiatus.

The train The Golden Eagle Danube Express will travel on the new bridge from Grădiștea

In Romania, tourists will arrive on board the Golden Eagle Danube Express train in the early hours of the 57th day of the tour, i.e. on September 23, coming from Bulgaria, from Veliko Tîrnovo.

The entry into Romania will be made at the border point Ruse-Giurgiu, on the Prietenia Bridge, from where the train will be hauled by a diesel locomotive, most likely of CFR Călători. The train has every chance to run on the direct line 102 Giurgiu-București, via Grădiștea, which the authorities and the company Porr Construct have promised to restore to circulation in the spring, after almost 19 years of interruption.

Surprisingly, the first stop in Romania will be in Sinaia, and the second in Brașov. The journey will continue towards Sighișoara and Sibiu. From Romania, tourists will arrive in Hungary.

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