(P) Buy an ASUS ROG GX700 laptop and go on vacation to Rome, Paris or Barcelona

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On May 20, 2016, ASUS Romania launched the campaign "10 years of Republic of Gamers„, An attractive offer for gadget enthusiasts, but also for those who are passionate about travel. For every gaming laptop ASUS ROG GX700 bought, ASUS Romania it rewards you with a trip for two people in Europe (plane tickets + 2 nights of double room accommodation at a 4 star hotel).


Each holder of ASUS ROG GX700, a laptop purchased during the promotion and validated by ASUS, can choose the trip in one of the cities Rome, Paris or Barcelona. Buy 3 ASUS ROG GX700 and you can travel to all 3 destinations in Europe :). CAREFUL! The promotion also has a regulation that I invite you to read!


And now let's get acquainted with ASUS ROG GX700, the world's first liquid-cooled laptop. When we talk about the gaming laptop in the ASUS ROG series, we are talking about performance and the latest technology. ASUS engineers have managed to produce a super-laptop. If he had wings, he could certainly fly.

For those interested in numbers and components, I only say this: processor Intel Core i7-6820HK (Skylake architecture and frequencies between 2700 MHz and 3600 MHz); 32GB DDR4, storage 512GB SSD (2 x 256GB), video card nVidia GTX980 with 8GB GDDR5, 17.3 inch screen. It's basically a "space shuttle" for gaming and even more.

What makes it even more special? The docking station Hydro Overclocking System, a ROG exclusive that gives the ROG GX700 superior performance overclocking, so you can play the latest games to the fullest detail. The cooling module pumps the coolant inside it ASUS ROG GX700, and it is circulated around the heat generating components (processor, video card, etc.). A connection system, patented by ASUS ROG, makes the coolant circulate easily, preventing leakage (residual coolant can be found on the tips of the connectors after disconnecting the laptop).

That being said, buy the best gaming laptop in the ASUS ROG family and travel to Rome, Paris or Barcelona! If you want to take it with you on vacation, find out that you can transport it in a special ROG case and it weighs about 5Kg (including the cooling station). An ideal cabin luggage! 🙂

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