ATR records in the 2015 / 2 billion dollars turnover

ATR recorded 2 billion dollars in turnover in 2015 / Record and delivered aircraft

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The beginning of the year 2016 came with a lot of news in commercial aviation. New routes were announced, ambitious projects were presented, companies presented optimistic figures recorded in 2015, and aircraft manufacturers boast new records in deliveries and receipts.

ATR aircraft

In 2015, Airbus delivered 635 aircraft and received orders for 1.036. In 2015, Boeing delivered 762 aircraft and received orders for 768.

We focused our attention on the big producers, but we should not forget the small ones. ATR (Regional Air Transport) is a regional aircraft manufacturer. It was born in 1981, based on Aerospace companies in France (now Airbus Group) and Aeritalia (now Alenia Aermacchi) in Italy. ATR produces only two models, ATR 42 and ATR 72, which have reached the "-600" generation.

In 2015, for the first time in ATR history, the company has recorded 2 billion dollars in turnover (2014: 1,8 billion). At the same time, ATR also recorded a record for deliveries, managing to deliver 88 of aircraft (NOTHING: NOTHING).

Also in 2015, ATR received firm orders for 76 aircraft and 81 options (total 157 aircraft). According to the table below, there were 9 customers on 5 continents.

Airline The country ATR 42-600 ATR 72-600 Optional TOTAL
Cebu Pacific Philippines 16 10 26
Air New Zealand New Zealand 16 30 46
Braathens Sweden 9 6 15
Japan Airlines Japan 8 15 23
Binter Canarias Spain 6 6
Air Madagascar Madagascar 3 3
Bahamas Air Bahamas 3 2 5
Undisclosed Undisclosed 13 20 33
TOTAL 11 65 81 157

In 2015, ATR has exceeded the 1500 threshold of aircraft in its entire activity. It was able to enter the Japanese market due to the order placed by Japan Air Commuter (a subsidiary of Japan Airlines). ATR welcomes 12 new operators for the "-600" model and announces the 200 threshold for airline operators with ATR aircraft in fleets (all models are included). Among them are also TAROM (7 ATR 42-500 / 2 ATR 72-500 aircraft).

ATR starts 2016 with arrears for 260 aircraft, totaling $ 6.6 billion, which guarantees nearly three years of production. From the beginning of the program, ATR received firm orders for 1538 aircraft and delivered 1278.

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