The first charters from Romania to "Santa's Country" have been announced - Lapland, Finland

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One of the most requested holidays for the winter holidays is Lapland, a region also known as "Santa's Country". Tourists who have already had the opportunity to visit Santa's home, claim that such a holiday guarantees the most spectacular experiences for families with children, especially during Christmas when we are all surrounded by the magic of the holidays.

As such, after 2 charter flights to Seychelles for Easter, sold in just a few weeks, the travel agency Eturia in collaboration with Răzvan Pascu, announces the launch of another 2 charter flights, this time to Lapland, during Christmas 2021, departing from Bucharest on December 18 and 22, 2021.

Visiting Santa Claus during the winter holidays

Those who choose such a holiday in Lapland, a destination just 4 hours from Bucharest, are mostly families with children, but also adults who still believe in the magic of Santa Claus. Located in the Arctic Circle, Lapland is a fairytale world that stretches between Russia, Sweden and Norway and covers about a third of the entire surface of Finland. Those who arrive here especially visit the Levi areas, the largest ski resort in Finland, as well as Rovaniemi.

Being an area located very close to the Arctic Circle, tourists have the opportunity to participate here in one of the many trips organized to see the Northern Lights, known as the "Northern Lights". At the same time, the entire region and especially the town of Levi is famous for the so-called SPA hotels - Levitunturi and for the 15 ski slopes lit during the night throughout the winter.

Just beyond the Arctic Circle, about 150 km from Levi, is the town of Rovaniemi, the main starting point for tourist trips to the village of Santa Claus, the place where stories come to life and where children of all ages share them. in secret Santa Claus all wishes.

5 days at home at Santa Claus with Eturia and Răzvan Pascu

Admiring Aurora Borealis, sleigh rides pulled by husky dogs or reindeer, snowmobile tours, angling, crossing the Arctic Circle and, of course, visiting Santa's village and implicitly the Post Office where Santa and his elves receive all the children's letters everywhere, they are among the main activities that tourists can enjoy during a trip to Lapland.

All this, plus a few other surprises are proposed by the travel agency Eturia, which, in collaboration with Răzvan Pascu, tourism marketing consultant, created 2 vacation packages with direct charter flight from Bucharest to Lapland during Christmas. The tours will be organized between December 18-22 and December 22-26, 2021.

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