The black boxes of the Boeing 737-500 Sriwijaya Air (PK-CLC) plane crashed in Indonesia have been located

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The locations of the two black boxes of the Boeing 737-500 Sriwijaya Air (PK-CLC) plane, which crashed yesterday in the waters of the Java Sea, Indonesia, have been identified. The statement was made on Sunday (January 10th) by the head of the National Committee for Transport Safety, Soerjanto Tjahjono. Hadi Tjahjanto, the army chief, said the positions of the two black boxes had been located.

Investigators hope that the 2 black boxes will be in good condition and, following the decodings, will obtain important data on the causes of the accident.

The location of the black boxes was discovered after the SAR team identified two signals from them. The head of the Basarnas search and rescue agency, Bagus Puruhito, added that one of the signals comes from the emergency location transmitter (ELT). Underwater weather and visibility are now favorable for search operations.

Human remains have been recovered

Meanwhile, search / rescue teams have recovered several wreckage of the plane Boeing 737-500 Sriwijaya Air (PK-CLC), crashed yesterday in the waters of the Java Sea, Indonesia.

Boeing 737-500 Sriwijaya Air (PK-CLC) aircraft waste
resturi avion Boeing 737-500 Sriwijaya Air (PK-CLC)

At the same time, human remains and remains were recovered from the luggage of those on board. Jakarta police spokesman Yusri Yunus said the DVI team had begun investigating the findings. Search operations were in the waters between Laki Island and Lancang Island.

DNA tests will be performed to establish the identity of the remains found and their correlation with the samples taken from the members of the passengers' families. Police called on the families of the victims to report to the Kramat Jati Police Hospital in East Jakarta.

On Sunday, Indonesian authorities mobilized more than 2500 people, 12 helicopters and 81 ships of all sizes to search for the plane and possibly survivors.

At the end of the day, as night falls in the Java Sea, the Indonesian navy continues to search, but is limited to using ships equipped with underwater detection equipment.

Research continues!

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