Austria will implement the 3G border rule. Will accept test certificates!

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Austrian authorities have announced that the country intends to relax its entry rules. According to the latest update made by the official tourism portal of Austria, starting with February 22, the country intends to allow the entry of persons holding a valid test certificate. This means that it will switch from the 2G to 3G rules package.

"For entry into Austria, '3G' will probably apply from February 22." it is shown in the statement of the travel portal of Austria.

Austria currently only allows people with a valid vaccination or recovery certificate to enter. However, if the new rule enters into force, those who test negative will also be able to enter Austria without being subject to additional entry rules.

In addition to announcing possible changes to the entry rules, the Austrian authorities have revealed that starting tomorrow, February 19, COVID-19 restrictions will be relaxed for all passengers and citizens of the country who want to access restaurants, hotels and ski lifts in all parts of Austria except Vienna.

"From 19 February," 2G "will be replaced by" 3G "(vaccinated, recovered or PCR test) at restaurants / hotels / ski lifts in all Austrian provinces except Vienna, where" 2G "remains", Said the Austrian authorities.

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