Automatic check-in from Wizz Air does cost, but can be useful

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Wizz Air introduced the automatic check-in service. This can only be requested where online check-in is allowed. And, as expected, Wizz Air's automatic check-in costs.

As an idea, automatic check-in from Wizz Air seems like a useful service. Book your ticket, request an automatic check-in and no longer have to worry about check-in, no longer frustrated that the site or system is not working. Once the automatic check-in service is purchased, Wizz Air commits to check in and automatically send the boarding pass by email.

According to the regulation, Wizz Air can run the automatic check-in service 50 hours before the scheduled flight time, but no later than 4 hours before the flight.

Automatic check-in service can also be requested for group travel. If there are up to 10 passengers on a reservation, boarding passes will be emailed. If there are more than 10 passengers in the reservation, check-in will be done for everyone, but boarding permits will not be sent by e-mail. Each passenger must access their own boarding pass on

You must know that this service is for a fee. The fee is calculated according to the number of persons and destination. I did a few simulations and the fee is, on average, 1.5 euros / segment or 7 lei / segment.

For more information, please read the dedicated rules for automatic check-in. Wizz Air explains in detail what data you need to submit, what are the steps to follow. Plus the causes when you can claim a refund of this fee.

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