Plane accident in Cluj: fire on the landing gear of a Boeing 737-700 Fly Egypt

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Today, October 15, around 19:35, a Fly Egypt aircraft that was flying on the Hurghada - Cluj route suffered an incident during the landing operations. Upon contact with the ground, the tires of the main landing gear exploded and caught fire.

The fire crew of Cluj International Airport intervened as soon as possible and applied the procedures specific to emergencies. The fire was extinguished without any of the passengers or crew members being injured.

As a result of the activation of the red emergency plan, several crews of the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations arrived on the spot. On board the Fly Egypt aircraft, the Boeing 737-700 had 113 passengers and 6 crew members who were safely disembarked on the stairs.

At this moment, Cluj Airport is closed to air traffic and will be reopened around 22:30. The General Manager of Cluj International Airport, Mr. David Ciceo, stated that he especially appreciates the intervention of the airport firefighters who arrived at the aircraft in about 2 minutes and managed to extinguish the fire in record time. Due to their professional action there were no casualties and the aircraft was not damaged.

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