Aviation Safety Network 2019 report: 20 accidents with victims and 283 people dead

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Aviation Safety Network published the report of the aviation accidents of 2019. According to it, in 2019, 20 accidents were reported with victims, and 283 people were killed.

It should be mentioned that the Aviation Safety Network report only covers accidents involving civil, passenger and cargo commercial aircraft, which have been approved to carry at least 14 passengers.

Aviation Safety Network 2019 Report

According to the report, 2019 is only 7th in the safest year in terms of number of accidents. On the other hand, when it comes to the number of dead people, 2019 is ranked 3rd in the ranking of the safest aviation years.

2019 crash report

Among the tragic aviation accidents of 2019, we recall the case of the aircraft Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX crashed on takeoff. And let's not forget about the Moscow accident involving a Sukhoi Superjet 100 Aeroflot plane and as a result of which 41 passengers lost their lives

The plane is the safest means of transport

According to the Aviation Safety Network report, approximately 2019 million flights were operated in 39. It turns out that there was an accident with victims on 2 million flights operated.

Another year that proves that the plane remains one of the safest means of transport in the world.

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