The administration of the booster dose (dose 3) begins in Romania, from September 28, 2021!

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Considering the severe epidemiological evolution in Romania and the need to ensure the maximum protection of citizens against COVID-19 disease, CNCAV members decided unanimously, based on available scientific data, the need to administer the booster dose. This will happen from September 28, for all people more than 6 months after the second dose, with any of the RNA messenger vaccines.

Dose 3 is strongly recommended:

  • ✅ people at high risk of developing severe forms - vulnerable people: those over 65, with chronic diseases (regardless of age), people in medical and social centers and other vulnerable categories provided in the national vaccination strategy;
  • ✅ people at high risk of exposure: medical, social and educational staff.

Access to vaccination is also allowed to other population categories, who have at least 6 months from the administration of dose 2 of the vaccine, regardless of whether they have a history of passing through the disease.

Important! The booster dose will only be given with messenger RNA-based vaccines, regardless of the initial schedule. Thus, people vaccinated with Astra Zeneca will receive dose 3 with one of the vaccines produced by Pfizer & BioNTech or Moderna.

Given that in Romania, immunization with Johnson & Johnson began on May 4, for people immunized with this vaccine, it is not necessary, at this time, to administer the booster dose.

Details of this recommendation will be established in the coming period, as new scientific data become available.

The scheduling of persons for the administration of the booster dose (dose 3) will be performed by means already known, including by direct presentation in vaccination centers or through the national vaccination scheduling platform.

For the persons from the medical-social and residential centers, immobilized at home or without shelter, the same vaccination method will be used, respectively with the help of the mobile teams provided by the county / Bucharest public health directorates.

Beneficiaries will receive vaccination certificates specifying the vaccination schedule, mentioning the three doses performed. We reiterate to citizens the need and importance of vaccination against COVID-19 for all persons over 12 years of age, in the interests of the individual and public health, by reducing severe cases and deaths.

Vaccination remains the safe and effective solution to overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic, and the vaccines used in Romania are authorized by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the most rigorous decision-making body, which brings together experts at European level.

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