Blue Air and TAROM have entered into a trade agreement

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As members of the prestigious International Air Transport Association (IATA), Blue Air and TAROM announce the signing of two partnerships regarding the protection of passengers in the event of delays and the elimination of check-in formalities for hold luggage for both scheduled flights. companies.

The first partnership between Blue Air and Tarom refers to protection of passengers in case of delay to race.

Commercial agreement between Blue Air and TAROM

On the common routes and within the places available on board, each company commits to accept the passenger tickets of the partner passengers and their transport to the chosen destination.

This agreement is based on the IATA 735 attachment resolution A, B, C. The partnership sends an additional safety message to all Blue Air and TAROM passengers in the event of unforeseen delays.

The first two Romanian airline companies also inform passengers about the agreement Through check in, which ensures a fluent travel experience.

With a single travel ticket, passengers will benefit from the automatic transfer of hold luggage, without the need for any additional formalities. This agreement is based on IATA 780 Attachment A, Article 3 resolution.

“We are confident that these two partnerships represent a step forward for the aviation industry in Romania and will contribute to increasing the quality of services offered by Blue Air and Tarom. We are proud that we have achieved this collaboration with the prestigious national brand Tarom and thus extend the travel possibilities of our passengers ”, said Tudor Constantinescu, Commercial Director of Blue Air.

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