fbpx Blue Air Open Days - November 2015-January 2016

Blue Air Open Days - November 2015-January 2016

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# BlueAir recruits! On 18 November, Blue Air organizes Open Days. Location: Hotel Angelo, starting at 9.00.


- Pleasant person, pleasant presence
- Minimum age 18 years, high school graduate baccalaureate diploma
- Fluency in oral and written expression in English
- No criminal record
- Height between 157 cm and 188 cm
- Good fitness, clinically healthy
- No visible tattoos (including short sleeve uniform)

Required documents

- Cabin crew certificate issued by AACR or any other EU Aviation Authority and recognized by AACR
- Valid passport
- CV Europass
- 2 photos - 1 (one) passport type, 1 (one) large plan

They are accepted at interview and candidates who do not possess Certified by Cabin Crew Member, but who, until the moment of employment, have taken the initial training courses within an educational institution authorized by the AACR.

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