Boeing 737-800 American Airlines ecoDemonstrator

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Boeing finished equipping one Boeing 737-800 American Airlines with the latest eco technologies. The plane also known as ecoDemonstrator is endowed with modern technologies and testing equipment and will undergo intense testing in Montana.

Program ecoDemonstrator 2012 is a partnership between Boeing, American Airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The purpose of the program is to accelerate the integration of new eco-technologies into the aircraft of the future. Several criteria are considered: fuel economy, quieter engines, lower maintenance cost, sustainable materials, CO2 emissions reduction, new cleaning solutions, etc.

American Airlines 737 Eco Demonstrator

American Airlines has been lending one for three months 737-800 Next-Generation from Boeing for use in tests. After the tests are completed, the aircraft will be returned, configured to the standard version and delivered.

The Boeing 737-800 American Airlines ecoDemonstrator will have wing and engine upgrades, but a new fuel economy method will be applied by streamlining the flight path. In 2013, tests will be performed on a Boeing 787 aircraft, and on 2014 and 2015 on larger aircraft.

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