Bucharest - Zakynthos with Blue Air, from June 3, 2021 (flight schedule)

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In the 2021 summer season, Blue Air will operate direct flights from Bucharest to 4 holiday destinationsHERAKLION (Greece), ZAKYNTHOS (Greece), RHODOS (Greece) and OLBIA (Italy). These are some of the most popular holiday destinations in the Mediterranean.

This article is dedicated to the route Bucharest - Zakynthos. Blue Air will operate 2 weekly flights starting June 3, 2021, in the days of Thursday and Sunday. It will be a seasonal route, and Blue Air will fly on the route Bucharest - Zakynthos until September 26, 2021, according to the schedule below.

Bucharest - Zakynthos with Blue Air

0B 9411 Bucharest 18:40 - 20:25 Zakynthos on Thursday
0B 9714 Bucharest 07:40 - 09:25 Zakynthos on Sunday

0B 9412 Zakynthos 21:20 - 22:50 Bucharest Thursday
0B 9415 Zakynthos 10:10 - 11:50 Bucharest on Sunday

Zakynthos, a picturesque island and holiday resort known for stunning beaches, luxury resorts and local wildlife. The fastest, can be reached by plane, charter flight or frequently.

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