Bulgaria has been on the yellow list since August 29. See how you can avoid quarantine when you return to the country!

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On 26 August, Romania has updated the traffic light list. Bulgaria, one of the favorite holiday destinations of Romanians, has entered the yellow list, and since August 29, the rules imposed by the Romanian authorities apply.

The National Association of Travel Agencies (ANAT) has advised tourists not to panic and not give up their holidays in Bulgaria. All Romanian tourists can avoid quarantine. It is essential EU digital certificate COVID-19.

Those vaccinated or suffering from the disease can download their Romanian European digital certificate by accessing the website certificat-covid.gov.ro. Those who will take PCR tests in Bulgaria can download the EU COVID-19 digital certificate from the Bulgarian website www.his.bg/bg/dgc, the equivalent application.

According to the restrictions and norms imposed by the Romanian authorities, quarantine can be avoided in the following situations:

  • persons vaccinated against the SARS-CoV-2 virus and for whom 10 days have passed from the completion of the complete vaccination scheme until their entry into Romania
  • persons who have been confirmed positive for SARS-CoV-2 virus infection in the last 180 days prior to entry into the country, for whom at least 14 days have elapsed from the date of confirmation to the date of entry into the country
  • people who test negative for an RT-PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 virus infection (including unvaccinated children aged 6 to 16) performed no later than 72 hours before boarding (for those traveling by public transport) ) or entry into the national territory (for those traveling with their own means)
  • children aged 6 years or less, without the need to present the negative result of an RT-PCR test
  • persons in transit, if they leave Romania within 24 hours of entering the country.

Romanian citizens who return from a yellow zone, without being vaccinated or tested before entering the country, will automatically be quarantined. Once they have reached the home declared for quarantine, they will contact the DSP service in the area where the home is declared and will request a waiver to go to a test center. After the PCR has been tested and the result is negative, it is sent to an email address and thus can be removed from quarantine.

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