Cătălin Botezatu is the creator of the new uniforms for pilots and TAROM flight attendants

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TAROM has chosen Cătălin Botezatu as the designer of the new uniforms for the pilots and company attendants. Cătălin Botezatu won the design competition launched by TAROM in March, by which the Romanian designers were invited to a challenge: the creation of new uniforms for the aircrew personnel of the national air transport company.

At the competition were registered 31 designers, all Romanians, who presented proposals for models of winter and summer uniforms, for different parts of the uniforms composition for both pilots and on board companions.

“We are very pleased with all the proposals received, but also by the large number of participants who registered for the competition. We had 31 participants, both known in the local fashion world, as well as students or recent graduates of design schools, extremely talented people who felt that TAROM was a national emblem and treated the project as such. I chose the models of Cătălin Botezatu because they bring the uniforms a freshness, elegance and optimism and because they best meet all the identity elements of TAROM company. We are very happy to collaborate with such a well-known name in the Romanian and international design environment, and we thank all the participants for their interest and involvement ”

, said Christian Heinzmann, CEO of TAROM.

“It is, of course, an honor to be the designer of the uniforms worn by TAROM personnel, the renowned National Romanian Air Transport Company. It was a surprise to me to find out that the models of uniforms proposed by me will fly over three continents, in more than 40 destinations. In 2011 I launched the "Aviator" collection, two years have passed since then, and I have remained as attached to the aeronautical side. I am glad that I was nominated the winner of the contest and I am glad that the name "Cătălin Botezatu" will reach the clouds.

The competition was a great challenge for me and my team. TAROM is indeed a national emblem, a company in continuous development. I am convinced that this collaboration will be productive and beneficial for both parties, because I am aware of the requirements of such a company. I hope to rise and even exceed my expectations. I also hope that the new uniforms will thank the representatives of TAROM, the pilots and the accompanying passengers and, last but not least, the passengers ”

, said Cătălin Botezatu.

"We are convinced that passengers will like the new uniforms, which they will be able to admire on board from this year, and we want to remind them that TAROM offers the same high quality services that its passengers have become accustomed to, and we refer to catering. free of charge, luggage included in the ticket price, punctuality or operation at the main airports, just to mention some of our competitive advantages ”

added Christian Heinzmann.

Cătălin Botezatu will not receive money from TAROM, but free tickets to all destinations of the company, worth 5.000 euros. The tickets can be used for one year. (source: Antena 3)

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