Cyprus is running a national free antigen testing campaign for employees

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According to the rules recently adopted by the Cypriot Ministry of Health, in order to ensure permanent monitoring of the epidemiological situation in Cyprus and allow the gradual relaxation of restrictive measures adopted in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the free and mandatory antigen testing campaign of employees continues.

The testing campaign will take place under the following conditions:

➢ Employers (private sector) / heads of departments or offices (public sector) are responsible for coordinating rapid employee testing operations, which will be carried out on a mandatory and weekly basis.

➢ For this purpose, antigen tests will be used, which allow the rapid detection of potential cases of infection.

➢ In enterprises with a maximum of 3 employees, all staff will be tested.

➢ In enterprises with 4-10 employees, at least 4 people will be tested.

➢ In enterprises with more than 11 employees, at least 4 people or 20% of the total employees will be tested, depending on their number.

➢ The testing will take place within the specialized mobile units in each district, according to the planning established by the employer, the employees being obliged to show up at the date and time set in advance.

➢ The list of mobile units is reviewed daily and can be consulted on the Cypriot government's dedicated Internet portal (we recommend the variant in the neo-Greek language).

The measure applies as a matter of priority to undertakings which resume their activity in the context of measures to gradually relax restrictions. It is a procedure to allow all employees to return to work safely!

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