Heineken cold beer from the dispenser on a KLM flight

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I read and reread this news to convince myself that it is not a hoax. Yes, the title is correct. On flight KL735 on August 31, 2016, which was operated by KLM on the route Amsterdam - Curacao, business class passengers were served Heineken beer directly from the dispenser. It was cold and fresh as a beer does, plus two foam fingers.

You do not believe? Convince yourself!

How was this possible? KLM and Heineken, two powerful Dutch brands, worked together on this unique project. We know that CO2 is used for standard beer dispensers. As it was too dangerous to carry a CO2 bottle, the two companies found an alternative solution.


A special trolley was created, where BrewLock technology was implemented. It uses atmospheric pressure to bring the pressure of the beer barrel to the desired level, and beer can be served from the tap. To keep the beer cool, the barrel is cooled before flight and stored in a well-insulated container. The taste of Heineken beer is preserved!


For starters, KLM has only one special beer cart. It will only be used in business class and only on certain special KLM flights. So we can't talk about a standard service yet. But maybe it will be possible in the near future.

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