COVID-19 Daily - October 29: The vaccine protects you from serious forms, but does not provide protection against the sequelae that remain after infection with COVID-19

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  • A new study shows that persistent COVID-19 syndrome, known as Long-COVID, can develop after "recursive" infections in vaccinated people. Researchers at Oxford University analyzed data from about 20.000 patients in the United States who had COVID-19, half of whom were vaccinated.

Compared to unvaccinated patients, fully vaccinated people, especially those under 60, had LESS RISKS of death and serious complications such as lung failure, need for mechanical ventilation, hospitalization in ATI, blood clots that can put life threatening, convulsions and psychosis.

On the other hand, vaccination does not appear to protect against several previously documented outcomes of COVID-19, such as Long-COVID characteristics, arrhythmia, joint pain, type 2 diabetes, liver disease, sleep disorders, and mood and anxiety disorders. . But they certainly feel less in the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated, informs!

  • Moscow has introduced the strictest containment measures since June 2020, as hospitals face a new wave of cases. The number of deaths recorded in 24 hours reached an all-time high.

The partial blockade, in which only essential stores (pharmacies and supermarkets) can remain open while state schools and kindergartens are closed, comes before a nationwide lockdown in which all activities are suspended for a week, starting on October 30.

  • Russia intends to relaunch its publicity and publicity campaign on vaccination, the daily Kommersant reported.

The Kremlin lamented the slow pace of vaccinations and said that this campaign to persuade people to protect themselves with Russia's Sputnik V vaccine or an alternative vaccine was not effective.

  • The number of coronavirus cases in Germany has risen the most in two weeks, with more than 28 new infections, the Robert Koch Institute said.

The number of patients with COVID-19 in intensive care units has increased by 15% in one week, said the head of the German Federation of Hospitals (DKG), Gerald Gass.

  • Slovakia's parliament canceled its session on Thursday after a parliamentarian tested positive for COVID-19, local media reported, as the country struggled with a high number of cases.

Parliament postponed the sitting until November 2 after the ruling coalition member tested positive, TA3 reported. Most of the 150 parliamentarians are completely vaccinated, many of them went for a test after reporting the case.

  • The Hungarian government will require employees of state institutions to be vaccinated, Prime Minister Viktor Orban's chief of staff said.

Gergely Gulyas said that private companies will also be empowered to request vaccination of employees if they deem it necessary, and wearing a mask will be mandatory on public transport from November 1.

  • Ryanair has promised to reimburse the value of the tickets for the canceled flights within five days.
  • Ukraine registered a record number of new cases, with 26 new infections reported in the last 071 hours, exceeding the previous high of 24 on October 23, the Ministry of Health announced. Ministry data also showed 785 new coronavirus-related deaths.
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