Coronavirus: easyJet will retain almost the entire fleet as of March 24, 2020

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Due to travel restrictions and closed borders between states, easyJet has made the decision to retain almost all of its aircraft fleet since March 24th.

Until March 24, easyJet will continue to operate humanitarian flights, as needed for the repatriation of tourists and those stranded in other states. He anticipates that he will be able to operate most humanitarian flights by Monday, March 23. easyJet has a fleet of 337 all-Airbus aircraft.

easyJet will hold almost the entire fleet on the ground

Details on scheduled humanitarian flights can be found on easyJet. If you are stuck in a foreign country and want to travel to the UK, easyJet recommends that you sign up for one of the repatriation flights scheduled until Monday.

In addition, easyJet will operate some strategic and essential flights on some routes. These will represent a maximum of 10% of the usual easyJet capacity during this time of year. Most flights will be between destinations in the UK.

Affected passengers are encouraged to exchange their free air tickets. easyJet continues to waive all ticket change fees for a later date. Thus, those affected by the canceled flights can reschedule their trips until February 28, 2021.

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