easyJet is taking drastic measures due to staffing crisis. Reduce the number of seats on 60 planes!

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easyJet, which is struggling with staff shortages as it tries to return to pre-pandemic operational levels, has begun removing seats from some aircraft to reduce the number of cabin crew required for each flight.

Specifically, easyJet intends to eliminate six seats out of 60 Airbus A319 aircraft registered in the UK. By reducing the number of seats on board from 156 to 150, the number of cabin crew members can be reduced from four to three.

UK and EU safety laws require airlines to have at least one cabin crew member for every 50 aircraft seats, regardless of the number of passengers on board. By eliminating six seats, easyJet can continue to follow the rules.

An easyJet spokesman said: " This summer we will be operating our UK A319 fleet with up to 150 passengers on board and three crew members in accordance with CAA regulations."

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