Embraer E190-E2 has received certification from ANAC, FAA and EASA

On 1 March 2018, in a ceremony organized in São José dos Campos, Embraer received the certificate for E190-E2, the first member of the E2 E-Jets commercial aircraft family. The certificate was signed by the Brazilian Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency).

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It is for the first time in the history of civil aviation when a commercial aircraft simultaneously receives certification from 3 major global certification authorities.


Embraer E190-E2 has received certification

It only lasted 56 months from the launch of the program until the certification of the first E190-E2. The new aircraft model is powered by 2 ultra-high-bypass ratio engines. Benefit from new wings and a completely new landing system. Compared to the first generation E190, E190-E2 has 75% of re-designed and rebuilt systems.


Four prototype aircraft were part of the testing and certification program. They have undergone rigorous testing. The E190-E2 test fleet has accumulated over 2.000 flight hours.

About 45.000 hours of tests were performed in laboratories with platforms for aircraft avionics, flight controls and electrical, hydraulic and environmental systems.



The launch customer for the new E190-E2 will be Widerøe, Scandinavia's largest regional airline. The first commercial flights with this type of plane are scheduled on April 24.

Widerøe has an order placed for 3 E190-E2 + 12 optional units from the new E-Jets E2 aircraft family.


Embraer officials said the new E190-E2 achieved impressive results during the testing period, even above initial estimates. With regard to fuel consumption, the new E190-E2 proved more efficient with 1.3% compared to the initial estimates and 17.3% more efficient than the previous E190 model.

Another great advantage lies in the training of the crew. Current generation E-Jets pilots will only need 2,5 training days and a few hours in flight simulator to qualify for E2.

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