Embraer introduced a turboprop concept aircraft with rear-mounted engines

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In his latest financial report (showing his first quarterly profit in more than three years), Embraer revealed a new unusual look for his future turboprop concept.

The design still uses the fuselage of the E1 family of aircraft, but the new version of the aircraft has two turboprop engines mounted on both sides of the tail, an unusual change from the more conventional wing-mounted engines. The new concept presented by Embraer should be much quieter than the existing models. The pair of wings was also moved further back to balance the plane.

It would be the first Embraer turboprop from EMB-120 Brasilia. Turboprops are said to be more efficient on shorter journeys. The ambition is to compete with the De Havilland Canada Dash 8-400 and ATR-42/72, which have not seen any significant evolution in a long time.

Embraer wants to work with a partner on this new project. It will be a regional aircraft dedicated to short flights, which will have the capacity to carry between 70 and 90 passengers.

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