Etihad Airways will fly with Airbus A380 in New York (Video)

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Starting with 1 December 2015, Etihad Airways will introduce an aircraft Airbus A380-800 on one of the 2 daily flights operated between Abu Dhabi and New York. It will be the 3 destination honored with super jumbo after London and Sydney.

Airbus A380 will replace the current aircraft Boeing 777-300ER. By this move, Etihad Airways increases the capacity of the route, but keeps the frequency of flights unchanged. It also offers premium passenger services. Airbus A380 Etihad Airways has a configuration in 4 classes and can carry up to 498 passengers: 2 seats at The Residence, 9 seats at First Class, 70 seats at Business Class and 417 seats at Economy Class.

The Residence it is an apartment with a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom with shower. Can be used in single or double mode. In the living room there is an 32 inch TV and the bedroom is equipped with an 24 inch TV. It is a unique service in the world offered by Etihad Airways only on Airbus A380 aircraft.

There is a specially qualified staff for The Residence. So you can feel like a "king" at over 10 meters. How will it be?

First Class comprises 9 individual berths, placed in a 1-1 configuration. Each "apartment" has a sliding door, and inside there is a sofa bed, a 24-inch TV and an ottoman. First Class passengers can use a fully equipped bathroom, including a walk-in shower.

Nor the 70 seats from Business Class does not look bad. They are placed in an 1-2-1 configuration and are fitted with armchairs. Business Class and First Class guests can socialize in a spacious lobby with a bar, leather sofas and a large TV.

For entertainment, Etihad Airways turned to Panasonic and equipped the A380 aircraft with the most modern system - Panasonic eX3. It has a modern interface and offers up to 750 hours of fun - games, movies, music, etc.

Let's get back on our feet and continue the news about the Abu Dhabi - New York route. Starting with December 1, 2015, the 2 daily flights will be operated according to the following schedule (the hours are local):

Zbor Nr Origine Plecare Destinație Sosire Frecvență Avioane
EY103 Abu Dhabi (AUH) 02:55 New York (JFK) 08:40 Zilnic A380
EY102 New York (JFK) 03:00 Abu Dhabi (AUH) 12:30 (+1) Zilnic A380
EY 101 Abu Dhabi (AUH) 10:20 New York (JFK) 04:05 Zilnic B777-300ER
EY 100 New York (JFK) 21:55 Abu Dhabi (AUH) 19:25 (+1) Zilnic B777-300ER

First A380 Etihad Airways entered operational service on 27 December 2014. It offers a unique experience for those traveling between Abu Dhabi and London's Heathrow International Airport. Starting with 1 June 2015, Etihad Airways will also introduce A380 on flights to Sydney. In 2015, the company will still receive 4 super jumbo aircraft.

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